Reforming Education system in rural areas

 Nilay Foundation is a registered NGO dedicates to ensure that the students of rural areas with poor financial condition get their basic rights and high quality education. The goal of Nilay Foundation is to improve the quality of education system, providing scholarships to deserving students, career guidance by enhancing the knowledge and personality of every student.

Nilay Foundation has a small group of highly qualified people who are experienced in different fields and passionate to reform the education system in rural areas.

Areas of Working

  1. Educational Programs: Nilay Foundation is eager to conduct various educational programs in which deserving students are provided the facility of free education under many special educational programs. These programs will ensure a bright future of students as well as they can be successful so that they can give back to the society.

Following ideas related to Educational programs can be implemented.

  1. IIT JEE and NEET preparation
  2. Army/ Navy/ NDA preparation
  3. Computer learning programs (Software and language)
  4. Technical Education
  5. Social awareness programs (Health, Environment etc)
  • Scholarship Programs: Nilay Foundation may run various scholarship programs to help the people of poor economic background. This program is very essential for those students who cannot complete their study due to poor economic condition of their family.

These scholarship programs may help students in following ways

  1. To  complete High School and Intermediate education
  2. For further study (Graduation and Post Graduation
  3. To help their family
  • Prize Competition Programs: These programs are beneficial for some students to gain knowledge with fun and they can find an opportunity to show their skills.

Following type of competitions may be conducted

  1. Quiz Competition
  2. Rangoli Competiton
  3. Art  Competiton
  4. GK Competition
  5. Math Competition

4.)  Career Counseling: This is one of the most important part of education because most of the students living in rural areas have lack of knowledge about choosing their career. This program will help every individual to know their future career options so that they can take actions related to their future career.

5.)  Library/Books: Nilay Foundation is there to help needy students who don’t have enough books to study as well as a library will help them to study in more peaceful environment without interference which they cannot get at home. This organization may also provide some useful links related to online library. Students will get variety of books in the library and can learn more effectively and. efficiently.

6.)  Motivation and Mentorship Program: This program is very essential for those youths who are deviated from their path of success and they haven’t any idea about their future goals and responsibilities. Many people still believe in cheating in board examination which is a wrong act. Nilay Foundation ensures to conduct free motivational sessions for these type of youth to show them a right path.

7). Skill and Personality Development Program: Skill and personality development program is very useful for the youth while getting a job. Nilay Foundation is willing to conduct sessions to develop additional skill as well as try to improve the personality of rural youth. With the help of this program people will learn different skill and develop personality according to requirement of a job.

8.) Extra Curricular Activities: The programs related to extra-curricular activities are not connected with academic learning. These program will happen outside the educational programs. Some programs related to extra-curricular activities are music, dance, photography, sports, internship, NCC. Nilay Foundation will help people to provide basic facilities related to these activities.